Saving at the Ball Park

Going to a baseball game can be downright expensive. First you get the ticket; then you have to get the experience. One ball game can end up costing you a boatload of money. Unless you do it right. Here are some great tips to help you save bucks while enjoying America’s favorite pastime.

  1. Buy online. Check out your team’s website, but also check websites like eBay and Stubhub; people sell tickets from their season passes that they can’t go to, or dump tickets for games they can’t go to at the last minute. And don’t fret; both eBay and Stubhub have firm policies in place to protect the buyer in ticket transactions.
  2. Just go! Some ball parks for lesser-known or less popular teams (the Orioles can fit into this too) offer special discounts on certain nights. At Camden Yards, students can get $6 left field bleacher tickets on Fridays with their student ID, some nights are special for senior citizens, and other nights are just for kids. So, if you fit in a category and it’s not a “blackout night” (where an opposing team is incredibly popular), why don’t you just go to the park!
  3. Eat first. Food at the stadium is so expensive. Yes, there are some parks that offer special meal deals, but honestly, if you feel okay missing that part of the experience, just eat out beforehand. Camden Yards is right by Inner Harbor in Baltimore, so when many people go to visit there, they just get there early and grab their dinner down there to save a little bit of money.
  4. Go minor league. If you’re indifferent about the team and just want to watch some baseball with your buddies, then, by all means, go to a minor league game! Minor league games are usually less crowded, the food is much cheaper, and the fans are sometimes more entertaining.