Foods You Should Never Eat

If you are interested in being healthy, attaining a great body, and living life to the fullest, for as many years ahead as possible, it is time to learn how to eat healthy. Although you should hire a Personal Trainer Toronto and exercise on a regular basis, what you put into your body is also important. Some foods are better than others, as we all know. Avoiding those bad-for-you foods is the best way to maintain a long, healthy life.

Canned Tomatoes

Starting off the list of foods that you shouldn’t eat is canned tomatoes. Although it is easy to grab a can to toss into spaghetti, chili and other yummy favorites, resist this urge at all costs. The lining of canned tomatoes contains bisphenol-A, a synthetic type of estrogen that’s been linked to a rash of health problems, ranging from obesity to heart disease. This causes BPA to seep into your food where it can cause a variety of problems as mentioned. Use fresh tomatoes and puree or steam them on your own to avoid any risks with the BPA.

Corn-Fed Beef

Although consumption of red meat should be limited when you are on the road to a healthy lifestyle, on those occasions when you do treat yourself, ensure that you are not eating corn-fed beef.  Corn and soybeans are often fed to cows to fatten them up for faster slaughtering. This depletes the nutritional value found inside the meat. Studies indicate that grass-fed beef is higher in Vitamin-E, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients the body needs.

Microwave Popcorn

Many people enjoy eating this treat, but you probably shouldn’t, and if you’re going to eat it should do so only on occasion. It considerably impacts your vision of maintaining the best health. Chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid are found in the lining of the popcorn bags and can lead to infertility in humans. Animal testing further concluded that liver, pancreatic and testicular cancers may also be linked to microwave popcorn. It’s best to leave it sitting on the shelves.

Farm Raised Salmon

Although farm-raised salmon might sound appealing, it is quite the opposite in reality. Salmon just isn’t meant to be farmed, and so the result of the fish that are is oftentimes high in contamination, which can cause you to become sick. Traditional salmon is every bit as delicious and healthy as you’ve heard throughout the years, so on those occasions when it is a salmon kind of night, ensure that you don’t choose the farmed version and lose the many benefits.

Your personal trainer Toronto can help you learn more foods to avoid as well as give you details of those that can enhance your workout goals. This is only a small list of foods that you should avoid when there are weight loss and fitness goals on your mind. With the information provided here and the advice offered from your PT, you can succeed at all your weight loss and health goals.